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The best dress shape for you...

Starting the search for your perfect dress is so exciting but for some people it can also be daunting.

Its a minefield out there and although every bridal shop should have an experienced bridal consultant to point you in the right direction we have put together a quick start guide for you to read before you begin booking your appointments.

We will give you the right shapes for your figure that show off your best bits and hide the bits you aren't as comfortable with.

Hour Glass

Fishtails and fit and flare work best for an hour glass figure. If you are this shape your Shoulders and hips are well balanced and you have a defined waist. It also means you probably have curvaceous assets.

By showing off your waist and having a sweetheart neckline you will find this makes the most of your curves. Avoid low backs if you have a big bust as you will get no support.


Fit and Flare...

Pear Shape

If you are a pear shape you will have wider hips than your shoulders and bust. You may have a well defined waist and dainty shoulders.

The best shape to go for is the soft A Line or a soft Fit and Flare/ Fishtail. If you want to balance out your top with your bottom look for sleeve detail to draw attention to your shoulders. A dress that pins you in at the waist will show off your girly curves.

Fit and Flare...

A Line...

Straight/Sporty Body shape

This shape tends to have balanced bust and hips but a less defined waist.

Choose a dress which will enhance your bust, shoulders and hips. A dress with a defined waist and a fuller skirt will do this. By choosing a dress with detail on the bust and strap detail this will also help.

Look for A lines, Ball Gowns or Fishtails that have a corset back to pin in the waist or an added skirt for some volume on the hips.

A line...

Ball Gown...

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

This body shape tends to have a broader shoulders and smaller hips. Avoid strapless or too much detail on the shoulders, instead look for a V neck shape. Accentuate your hips with a fuller skirt and even some rouching to balance out the top and bottom.

A line...

Oval or Apple Shape

Women with this shape tend to have a large bust, small hips and a fuller middle section which is bigger than your hips and bust.

Look for dresses that are going to accentuate your waist, corset backs are great for this. Soft A line dresses work well to balance you out and smooth lines. Horizontal pleating in the fabric to accentuate the waist also helps.

Hopefully this will give you a bit more confidence to book an appointment and find the perfect dress for your shape. For more advice and to find your perfect dress book an appointment at The Farnham Boutique via the website or call 01252 728084. We provide the perfect setting to comfortably try on lots of different styles while being guided by one of our experts.

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