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To veil or not to veil

There are so many decisions to make when it comes to your wedding day and one of the biggest is your dress and accessories.

Once you have chosen your dress you can start to think about a veil and hairpieces. Generally we encourage this during your fittings when you are wearing the dress that fits you and have possibly had a hair trial too. This way you can get a clear idea of what everything will look like together.

'Umming & Ahhing' over a veil is very normal so we have put together a short guide on veils and head pieces to help you make the right decision.

A bit about the veil...

The tradition for wearing a veil originates from the Romans, as they believed that wearing a veil could worn off evil spirits by covering the brides face and confusing them.

It is also a sign of purity and love.

Veil types

Bird cage or Bandeau veil-

These give a very 1920s/ Downton Abby feel. They attach either side of the head or on top by a comb. Great for a vintage glamour feel.

Elbow length veil

This can be a one or two tier veil that comes down to your elbow, great for a strapless dress as it adds a bit of coverage if your feeling a little exposed!

Finger tip veil

Similar to the elbow length veil but is a bit longer and reaches to your finger tips when your arms are down.

Ballet length veil

This is the mid calf length veil, it can have a cut, pencil or lace edge.

Floor length veil

This veil can come in one or two tier and falls in a small puddle on the floor. lovely for dresses with no train or a small puddle train.

Cathedral length veil

This is our longest veil and is about 300cm long. This can be customised to suit the length of the train. This veil can give an amazing impact on your photos especially if your photographer catches the wind at exactly the right time.

Lace Edge or beaded edge veil

The lace edge veil looks stunning with a dress that has little or no lace. it can be made in most lengths and with a variety of laces. This veil will add an impact to any dress!

The beaded edge veil can be made to compliment your dress using the same beading.

Pencil edge

This veil has a very light sewn edge to give it a beautiful finished look.

Cut edge

This veil has a raw cut edge, it is almost invisible.

Two tier veil

The two tier veil allows you to wear the veil over your face as you walk down the isle. It is called the blusher. This is traditionally pulled back over your head when you get to the top of the isles or when its time for the first kiss.

Flower crowns

Beautiful all year round the flower crown is a beautiful alternative to the veil. They can give a certain boho feel for a relaxed wedding or a more sophisticated feel depending on the style and flowers you choose. They can be made from real flowers or silk.

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