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Preparing to find ‘The Dress’

He has popped the question! Now is the time to find your ‘dream dress’. Some brides dread 'The Dress’ process, others love the whole experience of trying on lots of different dresses.

But what should you expect when trying on dresses, who should you take with you and how many shops should you visit?

There is no easy answer but here are some tips from us here at The Farnham Boutique to help you on your way to finding ‘The Dress’.

Bringing two or three people that you are closest to will give you the best, most successful outcome when saying “Yes!!” to the dress. These people are the ones you would regret not being a part of your dress shopping experience and may include your mother, maid of honour, your best friend or your future mother-in-law. It’s about quality, not quantity. Different opinions can be helpful but too many may lead to disagreements.

There is nothing in particular to take with you when you are dress shopping. Make sure you are wearing comfy clothes, If you have your shoes or a borrowed veil you want to wear on your special day, take those along.

Be open minded about the style you want to try on. Our advice is to try on all styles, it’s the only way to find out which suits you best and which you feel most comfortable and amazing in. Typically the style you think you’ll hate is the one you will love the most.

How many shops should you visit? It is always a good idea to research the shops you are planning on visiting. Check they have good reviews, do they stock the type of dress you are looking for and are they within your budget. We think 4 shops is enough, anymore might start getting a bit confusing.

We hope this has helped. We are always here to answer your questions and most importantly help you find ‘The Dress’.

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