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Twenty Nineteen @ The Boutique

As we come to the end of another amazing year of weddings we would like to say a massive thank you to all of our beautiful brides who chose to get married in one of The Farnham Boutique's bridal gowns. A huge amount of love, care and attention goes into each and everyone of our dresses and it's so wonderful to see pictures and hear stories about all of your special days. Everyone of our dresses is unique, just like our brides, and that is why we LOVE our job! Looking through some of the photos from the year its hard to pick which ones to include in this post as we cant fit them all on so here are a few that just say 'happiness' to us! We hope you have the most wonderful Christmas and we look forward to welcoming lots of new brides through our door in 2019....

Nicola Thompson Photography

Michael Newington Grey Photography

Collin D Miller Photography

Suzanne Fossey Photography

Ruby Roux Photography

Sophie Duckworth Photography

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