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Its here...2023! Another year of exciting weddings ahead.

So what will our brides (and grooms) be wearing on their BIG day? How will they be decorating their venue? Well look no further! We've got all the big trends of 2023 wrapped up in one useful post. So grab your wedding journal and get ready to take note.

First up...


On everything from the hair, the dress to on the cake and stationary, statement bows will be all the rage this year.

Joe Morley

Tania Maras

Rock my Wedding

Not On The Highstreet


Melissa Megan Photography

Cocktail Bar...

Keep guests hydrated with something a little more exciting, maybe a gin, Mimosa or Whiskey bar?

Make Happy Memories

Make Happy Memories

Nikk Nguyen Photo

Make Happy Memories

Heirloom Photography

British Grown Flowers

Sustainability is something all wedding hosts should be thinking about and is a huge wedding trend at the moment. In season, British grown flowers are beautiful, fresh and haven't had to take a flight to get to your wedding.

Milli Proust

Photo Bart

Milli Proust

Jen Marino

Coloured Wedding Dresses

We are of course a fan of the traditional ivory wedding dress but we can certainly make an exception for some of these...

Teneil Kable

Madi Lane


Donny Zavala

Madi Lane

Colourful Decor

There is nothing better than a colourful wedding that really conveys a couples personality. 'More is more' when it comes to a colourful wedding. Autumn weddings work brilliantly with this theme, the low light and the use of the most colourful British grown flower, the Dahlia, can make it a true showstopper.

James Kerrie

Rock my Wedding

Patrick Patridge

James and Kerrie Photography

James and Kerrie Photography

James and Kerrie Photography

Emilies Lollies


Who said diamonds are a girls best friend?... this season it's pearls! Chunky pearl headbands and pearl encrusted veils are just some of the ways you can incorporate this beautiful jewel into your wedding outfit.

Madi Lane

Melissa Megan

Melissa Megan

Madi Lane

jade Touron Photography


The groom (in our opinion) should never outshine the bride, but gone are the days of the black tails or grey suit. Grooms have become part of the trend with their velvet jackets, colourful bow ties and braces.

Fashion Trends

Melissa Megan

Rock my Ceremony

Melissa Megan

Forget me not Journals

Forget me not journals

Mark Horton

Embroidered veils

Have your veil personally embroidered as a special keepsake...