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Drama Queen

Whether it's the grandeur of the full circle skirt on our Rhodes dress, the exposed structured corset of Zana or the Hollywood glamour of Prestyn, The Farnham Boutique has no lack of show-stopping dresses to leave your guests breathless.

If your looking for your red-carpet moment here are a few of our top picks of aisle worthy dresses that have the WOW factor and bring all the drama!

Ollie- Made With Love Bridal

Linz- Evie Young

Prestyn- Madi Lane

Joey- Madi Lane

Huxley- Made With Love Bridal

Rhodes- Evie Young

Cameron Crepe- Made With Love Bridal

Keegan- Madi Lane

Pia- Madi Lane

Ever- Evie Young

Find all these incredible dresses at The Farnham Boutique.


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