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Joe Morley Videographer

We have been chatting to Joe Morley, the creator of The Farnham Boutique's beautiful Spring film created earlier in 2020. We loved working with Joe, his creativity and expertise realised our vision producing a spectacular film featuring our dresses at the stunning Farnham Castle.

Scroll down to find out more about Joe's work and lots of invaluable advice about choosing your videographer...

When and how did you become a videographer?

When I was on holiday in Thailand, I met a guy at a restaurant after he called out “nice camera” at me.

We got talking, and as it happens he was a wedding photographer and videographer, he was going to be shooting a wedding at the same hotel I was staying at.

I specifically remember a video clip he shown me. It was dark, the camera was following behind a silhouette of a person, the silhouette moved side to side revealing a glimpse of what was obscured from view.

He pointed out "this shot wouldn’t work as a photo". It got me thinking how exciting it would be to have this creativity available! I did a lot of research and asked a few videographers A LOT of questions.

I just loved how exciting videos could be, so I purchased all the extras and filmed my first styled shoot in June 2019 and my first wedding in August 2019.

How would you describe your videography style?

I lean heavily on the portrait side, lots of slow motion. I focus way more on people, rather than the objects. I am drawn to emotions, feelings, interactions and movement. You know... the parts that give our lives meaning.

When you think about movies, all the memorable scenes are what people say, how they are impacted by events, how they feel, and their intentions.

I value true romance, intimacy, family moments, and a touch of uniqueness. I really want my couples personality to shine through, so I take time to customise my work and plan ideas.

I am a sucker for sparkler exits, smoke bombs and fairly lights. I love the evening creativity, it feels special and looks so different every time.

What are the wedding film trends at the moment?

There are so many ways to film a wedding, why filter your ideas through current trends when it could end up been something more unique and special?

What I love about videography (In contrast to Photography) is that the order of footage does not need to be chronological, there is more space to be creative. And I feel couples don’t have as many set expectations like they do with photography, so you are free to create a film that is more exciting and unique. If you look around at trends, you can start to compare and copy, and loose the originality, so maybe it’s best no to.

What advice would you give when looking for the right videographer for your wedding?

When choosing a videographer, find work you are drawn to and ask yourself these you love the colours, the music taste, the feeling, the lens angles, the way the story is told, the length and changes of the cuts?

Although your video wouldn’t be the same, most of these attributes will be similar.

Then get on the phone and talk about what you love about their work. Ask all those complex questions you have and see how well you get on, then you will know if they are right for you. The experience and communication is most important to receiving good results.

Do you have a favorite wedding style?

I don’t think I necessarily have a favorite wedding style. My focus for a wedding is not so much about the style but the couple. I think it’s super important that our values match and we get on well, so that I can do my best work and add value and meaning to my couples film.

I mean obviously, beautiful backdrops and scenery are desirable but the character of the couple makes the films what they are, not the location. (Having said that, I am putting it out there, I would LOVE to film in Iceland and Japan.)

What’s your favorite or most spectacular project you have worked on?

Recently, the videographer that inspired me into video asked me to film a wedding on his behalf in Italy. Because of COVID, he couldn’t fly out from Australia. The wedding couple also come from the UK, they were incredible to be around. Their personalities are just so infectious and they have so much love in their hearts.

What’s the best timescale for booking your wedding videographer?

I would say it’s best to try and book a year in advance. My 2020 started filling up fast, even though I hadn't advertised. This was mainly due to one video seen on a FB group page- posted by a client, then I got a huge amount of enquiries.

What's the most unusual wedding you have done?

About a year ago I was asked to take photos that were to highlight all the mess and hidden parts of a wedding. All those awkward faces, guests halfway through eating a chocolate, the suitcase of messy clothes from the car. I shot a lot of content on a wide angle lens to enhance the humor.

It was really hard to adjust my mindset for the day, as a photographer, you spend years trying to tidy up the backgrounds and cropping out the less pretty parts.

The parents awkwardly mentioned at dinner, “it’s nice that you are making their day special, bet you got lots of lovely photos” And they didn’t know I was asked by the couple to get as many ‘bad’ photos as possible.

The couple had me under strict instructions that they don’t care about what anyone else wanted, the photos were for them and they hated all the poses and glamour, they wanted 100% real and 93% funny.

Any wedding advice for brides and grooms?

Spend time finding and talking to the suppliers, we are not just here to work, but to share the day with you... it is important that everyone you hire feels like a friend. With creatives the work is driven by passion, so it’s so important you pick someone you like.

The wedding day will go so fast, so keep it simple. Don’t travel too far or too much during the day, let people you trust worry about time, be open to ideas and enjoy them, be in the moment and spend valuable time with the ones you love.

Leave your expectations behind. If you want an amazing day don’t try to make things perfect, remember all the best moments you've had in your life just happened, you didn't know they were going to be great! Enjoy the time with your loved ones, then you can look back with a full heart.

Bonus advice - Make sure there’s lots of food and drink for everyone, and keep your head up high through the confetti.

The most important part is that you are getting married for love, and that’s what you really care about, relax and it will shine through in your photos and video.

To talk to Joe about your wedding call 07841 488 551 or visit his website


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