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Meet the team!

The Farnham Boutique team are passionate about all things weddings!! We love the look of delight on brides faces when they first walk into the boutique, the excitement they have telling us the plans for their big day and of course the tears of joy when they find THE DRESS!

Our wonderful team consist of talented and passionate women just like our brides and we thought you might like to meet them.


Boutique owner and manager

There is nothing Victoria can't do! As boutique manager she decides what makes the cut when it comes to collections, heads the buying, styles brides and designs many of the dresses. She is also a talented seamstress, accessories designer and on top of that a mum. She trained at University of West London in fashion and textile design before becoming owner of the boutique in 2017.


Head of Sales

Kate is incredibly talented at looking and listening to our brides and steering them in the right direction towards the right dress for them. Trying on wedding dresses can be overwhelming but Kate's knowledge and patience ensure every bride has a wonderful and calm experience. Kate is also a talented Make up artist and a mum of two.


Seamstress and Sales

Tia became an accomplished couture seamstress while studying at Lancaster University.

Tia's in depth knowledge on dressmaking ensures our brides get the most out of their dresses whether it be adding sleeves, changing necklines or creating completely couture dresses. She makes sure every bride gets married wearing the perfect fitting dress.



Becky has been at the boutique from the very beginning. After training at Brighton University in Fashion and textiles design she joined the team as a bridal wear designer and bridal consultant. She loves everything weddings...

"weddings bring out the very best in a person, the effort and love you put into your wedding is something you remember forever and that's why its so special."

After having her babies Becky has been back at the boutique in her new role heading up the website, social media and photo shoots.

We can't wait to meet you!


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