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The best of 2020!

Like everyone in the wedding industry we have had a very strange year here at The Farnham Boutique. But working in an industry full of creatives there is always someone with a new idea or an exciting project to take your mind off everything. Creatively this is probably the busiest year we have ever had, being involved in so many wonderful photoshoots with so many talented industry experts, who because of all of the cancelled weddings have had time to be more creative than ever. To round off 2020 we would like to share with you some of our amazing friends and some of the best suppliers of the moment!

If you are planning a wedding for 2021 and beyond then get in touch with these guys...


Jessica Lilly Photography

Mercedes Evens Photography

Pierra G Photography

Amy Cutliffe Photography


Russell Kent Nicols

Joe Morley

Rix weddings


Farnham Castle

Millbridge Court

Frensham Heights

Hair & Make up

Mellissa Oldridge


Totally flawless <