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What will weddings look like in 2021?

Weddings have had to take a back seat this year with thousands of couple's postponing their weddings to 2021, including lots of our lovely brides. Next years trends will inevitably be influenced partly by Covid but also by the environment and of course love and laughter. We have put together a few trends we think will emerge in what is expected to be a massive year for weddings.

Sustainability and Staying local

There has been a huge shift in weddings over the past couple of years with couples wanting their weddings to be more echo friendly. Using local suppliers, a sustainable wedding venue and paperless invitations are all ways we can do our bit for the environment. Eating seasonal food and using potted plants are also becoming very popular, evidently being green is looking like a big trend for 2021.

All the colours of the rainbow

Wedding dresses don't need to be white anymore, in fact some of our most popular dresses at The Farnham Boutique are made in champagne, blush and oyster. But you can go even bolder with dresses in pastel blues, pinks and greys being predicted for next year.

Evie Young

Photography DM Photography

Dress by The Farnham Boutique

Micro weddings

With uncertainty still looming for next year, couples are taking the opportunity to have smaller and more intimate weddings. Less people means you can spend more on other things, so you may be able to spend that little bit more on the photographer, décor or choose a fancier menu. It can also be significantly cheaper and less stressful. Brides tend to choose a more casual look for their dress and the groom can steer away from the tails.

Green wedding shoes


Pierra Photography


With smaller weddings and less guests couples will be able to provide more personal touches. For example, name places will become keepsakes and favors will be more tailored to the individual. The guest list will be more intimate and they will be very close to the bride and groom meaning they can have personal memories about each individual reflected in the day. This maybe in photos, written memories or objects.

Sleeves and capes are still huge

Billowing lace, puffy Juliet or separated, sleeves are back in a big way next year. Whatever kind you are looking for you will find it this and next season. Also, capes are set to continue. They not only work as a strong statement piece they are also practical for all of the outdoor weddings that will be taking place next year.

Pierra Photography

Pierra Photography

Madi Lane

Evie Young

Evie Young

Outdoor weddings

Because of the obvious, outdoor weddings are more popular than ever. Whether its a woodland wedding, festival tipi style, on the beach or in the middle of a field each of these can be magical (you just have to cross EVERYTHING for the weather!)

Amy Cutliffe Photography

Cottfarm Wedding


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