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2024 is nearly here!

As 2023 is coming to an end we are so excited to welcome lots of new collections to the boutique, and a new designer!

Madi Lane and Evie Young are both entering the new year with a bang as they introduce 'Memoirs' and 'Nouvelle'. Made With Love continue to inspire with their effortlessly chic, beautifully unique dresses (which we are lucky to stock 20 of!!) and our new designer, DAMA arrives in January with boho vibes and romantic inspired designs. Read on to find out more...

Memoirs by Madi Lane

Introducing you to ‘Memoirs,’ our latest bridal collection from Madi Lane at The Farnham Boutique. This collection celebrates love and the unique experiences of life, all set against the backdrop of Australia’s diverse and captivating landscape. 

With ‘Memoirs,’ we’ve translated life’s most breath-taking moments into wearable works of art. Each dress in the ‘Memoirs’ collection tells a story, embodying the essence of love, adventure, and self-discovery. From the anticipation of the first look, to the joy of saying “I do,” these gowns are designed to be an integral part of your unique love story, making it all the more unforgettable.

Nouvelle by Evie Young

Inspired by the fusing of the modern and timeless French old-world glamour, ‘Nouvelle’ features decadent gowns effortlessly bold in their contemporary design with classic touches. ‘Nouvelle’ features fabrics reminiscent of lustrous antiques and divine French glamour destined to endure time in both fashion and construction. Modern silhouettes and embellishments add unexpected drama, marrying and synergising the fashion ages. 


Beautifully handcrafted, Dama create wedding dresses varying in styles—bohemian, romantic, classic, and modern— with the intent to celebrate the unique style and voice of all brides. Rooted in conscious design, their wedding dresses are crafted to reflect beauty, devotion, and strength.

Made With Love

Made with Love is an Australian luxury bridal brand, known for it’s effortlessly chic, quality made and distinctly personable bridal experience.

Their mission is clear... to make every bride’s dreams come true and empower them to feel their most beautiful, confident selves through a down to earth yet elegantly refined experience.  Made with Love designs are carefully considered at every stage of production, from conceptualisation to completion the experienced team and designer meticulously perfect MWL designs to ensure our brides’ dream dresses exceed their expectations for their most special day.

We cant wait to welcome you to The Farnham Boutique in 2024!


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