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Interview with Liz Young, creator of Madi Lane

The creator of Madi Lane and Evie Young, Liz Young talks about the new, up and coming collections, her inspiration and trends...

"The global pandemic ushered in the trend of “anything and everything” for bridal fashion, as brides look upon their celebrations with heightened fervor, feeling, and flair. With a lot of brides having to postpone their “I-do’s” and a pause on parties, weddings are back with greater zeal and heightened excitement, and we’re seeing this flow into wedding dress trends.

The post-pandemic bride collective is more diverse than ever, and so are their wedding dresses! From the more traditional to the very modern, we’re seeing almost every trend have a place on the stage at the moment, and I have designed our Fall 2023 collections for Madi Lane and Evie Young with the same broad stroke vision as that of the modern bride. From silhouette to embellishment, fabric type to architecture, this season’s compilation is a symphony of trends, specifically orchestrated to for the post-pandemic bride. Floral and geometric laces, beaded and boho embellishments, and minimalist fabrics aplenty, every bride can find her “one” represented this season. With such a strong emphasis on the glitz and glamour of wedding events, this season’s collections bring with them a strong focus on the “extra” – more layers and dimension, more beaded and sparkle, more precision in placement. All presenting an elevation of design and decadence never before seen in our brands. I’m excited to share them!

Evie Young’s seventh collection, ‘Gala’ boasts 24 elevated designs, embraces celebration, and dedicated to the opulent events and wedding grandeur set to unfold. Featuring modern and intricate accents of lace and beading on sculpted silhouettes, these new designs breathe luxurious yet obtainable couture-inspired pieces for the brides of tomorrow...

Viv dress

Zadie dress

Liza dress

Reminiscent of summers abroad, Madi Lane’s new collection, ‘Baciami’ (Kiss Me), tells the story of travel adventures with girlfriends, sharing tales of infatuation and meet-cutes on the streets of exotic towns. An evolution in itself, the new ‘Baciami’ collection features 28 elevated and decadent designs created exclusively for the modern bride. Staying true to our romantic and alluring roots, ‘Baciami’ introduces luxurious new fabrics, embellishments of artfully placed sequins, beads and glitter, and layers of embroidered laces with 3D floral. A compilation of silhouettes, this season is a celebration of design elements and accents, fusing our signature style with a heightened design aesthetic never before seen in Madi Lane.

Penni dress

Peta dress

Pia dress

The Madi Lane bride doesn’t fit into one neat category, she is not clearly defined. She is the modern, the traditional, the boho, the minimalist, the glam, the classic, the fashion forward, the romantic, the “extra”, and everything in between. She is harmoniously representative of all that is bride – beautifully diverse in every way, and widely celebrated for her individuality.

The Madi bride is illustrative of our core design foundation that has driven every collection since our launch in 2019 –modern, meaningful, beautiful and affordable designer gowns with soul that reflect the myriad of style, flair, shape, and authenticity that make up the modern feminine collective.

One label for all women; for all wedding visions; and for all love stories. A place where every bride can find that one gown that is represents the essence of who they are, the one that makes them feel beautiful, confident, and unique. Designs which emphasise style over fashion, inspire love and romance, and are created with every bride in mind." -Liz Young

-Collection available at The Farnham Boutique August 2023.

-Interview with The Bridal Times-


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