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Marylise is here!

We are so excited to introduce our newest designer to The Farnham Boutique... Marylise.

Their secret? Dynamism, daring and above all creativity. A wedding gown is pure emotion. For both the designer and the bride. That’s why they give their designers creative freedom. Every dress is designed with passion and bears the mark of unique craftsmanship.

"At Marylise we focus on innovation and service and the fact that we are in control of every aspect, from A to Z, makes all the difference. Your ‘Once in a lifetime’ wedding dress is in loving hands all of the time. We are delighted to introduce you to our world!"

The Marylise handmade gowns are beautiful in their simplicity. The dresses have a perfect cut and are made in refined lace and noble fabrics such as chiffon and crepe. Designed in Belgium and handmade in Portugal these gowns are unrivaled in their quality and sleek, elegant lines.

"Each year Marylise shifts the creative boundaries of bridal fashion!"


Sustainability is on our top priorities as a brand. It is not seen as a destination, but a process and our goal is to do it consciously, step by step. At Marylise they are convinced this is the route to take for the future. The percentage of sustainable dresses within the brand grows every year. We give preference to fabric suppliers that are close and try to keep everything as local as possible, with direct shipping from our production to the shop. Every sustainable dress is highlighted by its green Marylise label. We are constantly putting effort into becoming more mindful and conscious of our impact on the planet!

Find the collection at The Farnham Boutique this September!


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