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Stealing the Spotlight Twice: The Art of the Wedding Second Look! - By Katie Pierce

A wedding day is a whirlwind of love, laughter, and irreplaceable memories. All brides deserve to shine from dawn till dusk, and from the altar and beyond. That’s the power of a fabulous wedding second look. If you haven't heard of it yet, prepare to be dazzled! This article lists essential tips for mastering the art of the second look at your wedding.

Image: Made with Love Bridal

What is a wedding second look?

A wedding second look is the perfect opportunity for a bride to wow her guests with a whole new ensemble on her special day. Usually worn at the wedding reception, your second look should be stylish but comfortable enough for dancing and entertaining your guests.

Preparing a reception dress is like having a secret fashion weapon up your sleeve. The transformation usually happens right after the ceremony or at any shift during the day, like after you finish dinner. Now that we have the basics nailed, let's dive into the world of the wedding second look with these practical steps.

Image: Made With Love Bridal

Dare to Break Tradition

Your wedding, your rules. From adding splashes of color to switching from one outfit to another, you can personalize your wedding as much as you’d like. Just like your wedding dress is an expression of your personality and style, your reception dress should also be suited to your taste. Speaking of suits, don’t be afraid to put on a glamorous pantsuit, a fun cocktail dress, or a chic jumpsuit. Experiment with non-traditional colors, fabrics, or silhouettes. Whatever outfit you choose, make sure that your individuality is reflected in your clothes.

Mary Lise Bridal

Add Layers to Your Look

A mesmerizing second look can be created with a luxurious cape, a romantic tulle over-skirt, or an intricately embroidered jacket. These layers can instantly transform your wedding gown into a fresh, ethereal look. They create a sense of drama but also allow you to adjust your outfit effortlessly from your ceremony to your reception. That way, you’ll have extra time to mingle with guests and make precious memories with your partner.

Image: Melissa Megan Outfit: The Farnham Boutique

Be Bejeweled

Jewelry is an integral part of your bridal look, and we’re not just talking about your wedding and engagement rings. Accessories are the key to elevating any outfit, including your wedding second look. Unleash your inner diva by choosing statement accessories that will catch your guests’ attention. A tasteful statement necklace, a glittery tiara, or a pair of chandelier earrings can help you achieve this. Don’t hesitate to complete your ensemble with a pair of sophisticated shoes and a fancy clutch to hold your essentials in one place. Let your accessories take your second look to new heights of elegance.

Image: Megan Donati Photographer. Dress: Evie Young at The Farnham Boutique

Experiment with Hair and Makeup

Your wedding second look gives you an additional canvas to experiment with a brand new wedding hairdo and makeup style. Often, brides take this as a chance to depart from traditional wedding makeup. A red bold lip is a bride favorite since it adds a pop of color. Some brides favor a sultry smokey eye for its mysterious allure. Meanwhile, a braided up-do is ideal for building up a whimsical and angelic aura. Let your hair and makeup align with the mood and vibe of your second wedding outfit. It helps to collaborate with your trusted hairstylist and makeup artist who can bring your vision to reality. This is your chance to indulge in a completely new look from your ceremonial hair and makeup, so make it count!

Image: Amy Cutliff Photography. Dress: Evie Young

Plan the Big Reveal

While there’s nothing wrong with transitioning from your first to your second look by topping your dress with a glitzy jacket, you could also add more flare to your outfit transformation. Work with your photographer and wedding coordinator to execute a reveal that will leave your guests’ jaws on the floor. First, decide on when you’ll change into your second outfit. Usually, brides change into a new dress before they proceed to the reception. You could choreograph a showstopping reveal or simply coordinate with your wedding host to make sure that your loved ones can enjoy your stunning entrance.

Made With Love Bridal

Remember What Matters

It’s easy to get lost in the glitz and glamour of wedding gowns and second looks, but keep in mind that your special day is about your love and happiness. Make sure that when you step into your second wedding look, you are comfortable and beaming with confidence. After all, a pretty outfit is nothing without a radiant smile. Embrace the happiness of your wedding day and treat your second look simply as an extension of your joyful spirit.

Dress: Evie young

Dazzle Your Guests Twice With Two Wedding Looks

Having two looks for your wedding day allows you to feel twice as beautiful. So, don’t hesitate to show off your personality while you experiment with layers, jewelry, and hair and makeup. Planning the big reveal with your wedding coordinator and photographer is also a good idea.

Can’t decide on a reception dress? Let the wedding dress experts at The Farnham Boutique help you find the most gorgeous first and second looks!

Video: Madi Lane Bridal

Image: Joanna Ranson Photography. Jumpsuit: The Farnham Boutique.


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